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Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki in translation is “Compassionate Action”. As Reiki will help others and aid in healing – All beings will benefit within the vibrational flow. With a compassionate heart we naturally want all beings to heal and live the life they dream of.  Karuna Reiki influences all earth bound beings to end suffering on earth by continuously sending vibrational uplifting healing energy. Holy Fire energy brings in the influences of purification and empowerment. This gentle loving guide releases unhealthy feelings, energies and beliefs no longer serving our best self. Holy Fire heals with it’s uplifting energy to allow a brighter more peaceful being to emerge.

Sessions – Distance Healing:

Alignment of chakras energetic blueprint 30 min $45
Release reoccurring patterns and cords of attachment
Bathe the aura
Re-establish a fragmented spirit
30 min $55

Sessions – In Person:

Alignment of chakras energetic blueprint
Guided meditations, breathe work, table work
75-85 min $100
Release reoccurring patterns and cords of attachments
Bathe the aura
Re-establish a fragmented spirit
Guided Meditations, breathe work, table work
75-85 min $100
Set intentions & affirmations
Guided Meditations, breathe work, table work
75-85 min $100
Analysis of current lifestyle, nutritional intake,
supplements and medications, movement and stress
reduction routine, communication style
Includes: Nutrition and herbal recommendations
Custom Herbal Tea Blend, Lifestyle recommendations
Herbal Tincture recommendation, Flower essence recommendation purchased separately
FENG SHUI CONSULTATION: $75/hour minimum 3 hours

Classical feng shui uses the compass reading location of your home or business, combined with the year the structure was built – or the last time the sun touched the floor of the location – and the direction in which the structure sits and faces. This information is placed into a 4,000 year old mathematical equation. The results of the equation tell the soul essence of the structure. You are able to understand financial freedom or lack of finances. You are able to see chronic health conditions and metal ailments, by reviewing the results of this ancient knowledge. With this knowledge one is able to be on track for vitality in your deepest desires and move within the eb and flow of life.

Consultation includes – Personal Trigrams of all residents within the structure. Element recommentions to shift the flow of chi within the Bagua, the bagua represents the structure. Preparation of affirmations to assist with manifesting goals. Thorough energetic cleaning of the structure and refilling with desired goals for the year.

The Healing Arts is for all beings, please message me if you are unable to pay, we can work something out.