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The Book

In 2015, Rhea Iris Rivers felt horrified, scared, sad, embarrassed, exhausted, and ungrateful after she learned she was facing a myriad of health challenges. In a thirty-day guidebook filled with personal experiences and the wisdom of Mother Earth, Rivers shares how she naturally beat her own health crisis with seven steps to renewal that transformed her life and healed her ailments through what she found in nature, her kitchen, and most importantly, within herself.

Rivers relies on ancient knowledge gathered from real-life events and teachings to demonstrate how she cleared a vaginal squamous cell malignancy and HPV from her system in less than thirty days. As she guides others through the layers of wellness that includes the seven steps to renewal, she encourages others to listen to their inner-voice, highlights the benefits of herbalism, uncovers the connection to past trauma and how it manifests within the body, and shares an easy approach to healing through foods, medicinal plants, and vibrational healing.

Our Forgotten Allies offers ancient wisdom and personal experiences that will help women and men reduce physical and emotional ailments through seven steps to renewal and healing.